How to Play

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First off, you'll need an account. Create one through our simple sign-up process to get your game on.

Get Started

Choose a sport and contest you want to play, and create your lineup. From this page you can easily apply your lineup to join other contests of your choice or keep making new lineups.

Draft a Lineup

  • When drafting your Bust lineup, you’re given a minimum budget.*
  • Spend this budget on players to create your worst team.
  • The players of choice will be determined by the date and contest you select.
  • Once you’ve filled all positions in your lineup and spent your minimum budget you can submit your lineup into the contest.
  • It pays to enter early. Players who are declared Injured or Questionable can no longer be chosen despite being available earlier.


Contests: Each League contains a variety of public contest types, which determine the payoff:

  • 50/50 Finish in the top half and win
  • Tournaments Huge prize payouts
  • Guarantee Contest will move forward no matter how many entries are entered
variety of contest types

Watch Live

  • Follow the action on your desktop or mobile to see how your lineup is doing.
  • Watch as you accumulate points during the games.

Check Results

  • If you’ve won and placed into a paying position in a contest, the amount you’ve won will be credited to your DraftBust account as soon as the contest ends.
  • You can use your winnings to play even more contests, or withdraw it.
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